Sunday, September 12, 2010

River Trip!

On Saturday morning, Steve and Manny had plans: Steve was going to watch football, and Manny was going to Granny's house. Steve, in an effort to have a boy's night, said I was welcome to go out. I called my friend Tim, who was camping at the outfitters, and told him that I might come up and camp with him and his friends. He INSISTED that I bring Jake. Now thats a true friend, camping at the river with his pretty lady friend and he wants to hang out with a 5 year old? He loves our kid, and has been dying to take him in the drift boat on a river trip.

We floated the river from 4 PM until about 7 PM. I was apprehensive to take Jake on a trip that long with very little option for "escape." We packed snacks, drinks, and I had my own iphone and Jake's itouch in case Jake needed to remove himself from the situation at any time. None of us brought a camera except for the iphone, which ran out of batteries.

What an absolutely AMAZING trip! Jake did wonderfully, and Tim and Nancy were so sweet and accomodating. He can be a handful, but he knows when people love him, and he and Tim bonded in a way that only two pirates can *wink.*

Jake only got apprehensive the last 30 minutes of the "three hour tour" when it began to rain. The rain went away and we were blessed with one of the brightest, most defined double rainbows any of us have ever seen.

We ate a very late dinner and Jake climbed into the tent and played itouch to excape the pouring rain. What a great Mom and Son adventure. THANK YOU TIM!!! I mean it, you gave us a wonderful gift.

I am sitting here completely free of the Elephant that sits on my chest. I'll post why tomorrow, but this is most free I've felt in ages.