Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to school... take two!

Every moment of this week has been awesome since Monday morning. Hours after my last post Manny was offered a place at two different private preschools, as well as a part-time place over at a new program. Between the two we managed to get him back into a 5 day schedule within a couple of days. One of his former teachers (not his teacher this year) came over to me and did a little dance and sang "We got Manny! We got Manny!" I smiled all the way home. They sent a note that said "He had SUCH a great day today! Ms. P and I couldn't get over how much his gross motor skills are improving! He climbed all over the playground equipment :-) And he even spoke a few words to us!" He's a PERSON to them. Sometimes it takes a bad experience to make you appreciate the amazing people in your life.

I don't think I've stopped smiling since Wednesday. I've gone back to the gym, I've been dancing again, bags have been sewn, reservations for the Market this Sunday have been made. Karen has been in the sewing room helping me and becoming part of the Bratsacks team. Life is somehow even better than before.

Jake came home today with his report card from Kindergarten. He's "in progress" on everything. That's OK. Something tells me that both of my kids will be a "work in progress" their entire lives. Heck, I am a work-in-progress myself. In Jake's backpack were the most wonderful pictures I've ever seen. I opened the envelope in front of my mom and husband and my mouth fell open. "What kind of miracles are they working up there at that school?" I whispered. I can't wait for the order to go through, I MUST show off the proof. MY baby, smiling at the camera WITHOUT HIS HAT! This is his first professional portrait:

On Comments:

I've never had much respect for the Anonymous Comment and I don't think I've ever left one. I've published a few that showed up here, most I've deleted. In my opinion they mean: I'm ashamed of what I'm about to say, or I'm ashamed of who I am, or both. I can deal with the comments that have said "You are in denial," "You are insane," "You need to get off the drugs." I was shocked at at the comment saying that Manny shouldn't be in a class with normal children, and the comment that told us to "be careful, bad things happen...". I didn't know that sort of intolerance still existed. Fortunately my life has been an open book for so long that I have grown a pretty thick skin, and I think that confuses people with something to hide. I would have continued to endure such "anonymous" comments except that some of them have contained Manny's full "real" name, which I never use online, or in real life for that matter. After a quick poll of my friends it became apparent that even those close to us are unaware of how to spell his full name. Only teachers and doctors call my children by their "real" names.

***This indicates that at least some of these comments could have been sent from people who have access to Manny's former classroom. As disheartening and downright frightening as that is, it only solidifies our confidence in our decision to remove him immediately, once the first few nasty comments came in. ***

I have disabled comments on my blog, because it has become a vehicle of harassment, and that is just silly. I enjoy the input, advice and support that I received in my comment-box until Friday, so if you are a regular poster and interested in commenting, please send me a message and I'll add you as a member. You can also send any negative commentary to the same address provided by this blog.