Friday, September 10, 2010

Blog Posts Removed

This probably isn't going to be the most popular decision amongst my readers, but I'm not really interested in being popular.... obviously.

At the request of [the school], I have deactivated the blog posts about the I.E.P meeting, and my school observations. The last post you will see that is specifically about school is this one {also removed]where I talk about how wonderful school is going, and about how the stress in my life has suddenly been lifted. I have not removed the post about Manny's M.R.I and Scottish Rite because I get to describe a miracle in that one.

I am not concerned with being right or "winning." I've often said "I would rather be happy than right." I just want what my son and family needs. I am extending an olive branch to [the school] and removing the posts. I have given up my job, I have given up my time, and now I'm giving up my freedom of speech. I'm not sure what else I can give up to show them that my child is the most important person in this entire insane mess. Today Manny's teacher told me that she is willing to say in a meeting that Manny's disciplinary issues are resolved, he is no longer hitting or pinching. She also said that she doesn't feel like they can't "handle" Manny for a full day, just that he needs more than they can give him, and I assured her that he will be getting that through his therapies, and simply from being around other children.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.